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Hi! My name is Kris. I am first and foremost a dad to my two wonderful kids and my wife, who is one of the most beautiful, supportive and patient women you will ever meet.

My background is in technology and finance and currently I am kept busy with an existing venture that has been my blood sweat and tears for over a decade.

I have been entrepreneurial all my life. Starting with high school buying and selling tech and building and selling computers. From there I started a consulting company and even tried to launch a web startup which didn’t go anywhere. Through it all though, there are no regrets and learned plenty along the way.

Then I met this beautiful girl, whose smile would instantly light those around her. She started and ended her day with gratitude was always happy and smiling. And boy can she eat! She can eat more than a typical man but never gained any weight! No matter what I did or the outcome from it, she was always there for me. She is my best friend and I am so thankful for her.

Then we had two beautiful kids. And boy did we have to grow up quickly! Life is so different with kids and priorities change! Before kids, we didn’t even have pets!

We had to wing it being parents and still do. Although clueless, we always try to love them and support them unconditionally. It requires supreme patience and believe me, I am usually in short supply of it.

My son, David is eleven years old but he has always been a hyper high energy type of boy. He was always multitasking and trying to do way too many thing at once, He was a sensitive sleeper and he could never sit still, especially while eating.

For a long time, we figured, boy will be boys and just left it at that. If he would start wandering in the middle of eating, we would guide the little guy back to the table but it wouldn’t be long until he would be wandering again.

He did reasonably well in school before but when he hit 4th grade, he started to struggle a bit in class. He was a bright kid with a flare for music and his mind was way quicker than mine ever was. The teachers kept on saying, even though he wasn’t disruptive, he had problems paying attention in class.

His struggles were getting worse as he hit 5th grade with similar observations from teachers. He had tests where first half of the test were perfect and he would get the second half totally wrong. It frustrated us to no end. He really had tough time focusing and paying attention.

We started to do some research on how we can help him achieve better focus and stumbled into Pomodoro technique. It is a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo that stresses a structured way of focusing.

We bought David a timer and off we went with the experiment and we started seeing visible improvements to his ability to focus. He ultimately also started getting better grades! More and more he started to use this technique, better and better he got. His hyperactivity hasn’t changed, but our way of dealing with it really made a big difference.

Then we realized, how many other people are dealing with a similar challenge?

That’s how Focusfied.com was born.

Focusfied.com was initially started to inspire and motivate one person. My son.

As I saw an incredible change in him, I knew this could be applied to everyone in need.

We are creating an app and a platform that we hope will inspire and motivate people to their full potential. The app and the web app is in development and is due to enter beta in mid 2017. We hope all of you can use it to expand to your potential.

Most people unknowingly limit themselves and never reach their ceiling. We hope to reach those people and help them get to their ultimate goal whatever that is.

Thank you so much for reading!

Please let us know if you have any comments and have any questions. We will try to help and answer the best we can.


P.S: Some resources to get you started.

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Francesco Cirillo -Founder of the Pomodoro technique.

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Story and video of Deshun Wang-If you think it is too late to change or start something new, check out Deshun Wang. he started modeling at the age of 79 and have never stopped trying new challenges. Remember, KFC was founded when Colonel Sanders was 65. He decided to start selling fried chicken instead of committing suicide and at age 88 became a billionaire.